Key Ingredients Missing from Most Pet Foods

Wisely, more and more pet parents seek out foods for their dogs and cats that contain probiotics.  However, the quality, application and overall formulation matter. Can you be sure you’re choosing the best product? Here’s how to be a savvy shopper when it comes to researching kibble with probiotics: Species Specific Blend Most probiotics on […]

What to Know About Pet Joint Health

Age is not a disease. We say that all the time in medicine, because it’s true. “He’s slowing down” is an observation, but it’s not a diagnosis. All too many times, when I’m asking someone how their pet is doing they will say, “Well, he’s slowing down, but he’s old. What are you going to […]

FDA Recall Issued After Dog Deaths

The FDA has added a list of countries where the recalled product may have been exported by Midwestern Pet Foods. As of this date, approximately 110 dogs have died and 210 have gotten sick. The countries affected are listed below. On January 11, 2021, the FDA reported that Midwestern Pet Foods has expanded the recall […]

Have You Considered Buffalo?

Did you know dogs go crazy for ! Not only is buffalo a fantastic protein source and highly digestible, but it’s readily available as a delicious treat from . If you’re looking for a safe and unique treat for your dog, consider Life’s Abundance for the following reasons… Made from free range, grass fed buffalo […]

Taurine, the Missing Ingredient

At Life’s Abundance, we believe that every ingredient should provide a benefit. We also believe  in a whole-health, or holistic, approach to product formulation.  Our include all the nutrients that we know their bodies need — including some cutting edge ingredient choices we’ve made over the years that can pay big dividends to your dog’s […]

Pet Dental Health and Disease

Does Your Fur Kid Have Dental Disease? If your dog or cat is over the age of two, then the answer is “highly likely”. It’s February, which means it’s also National Pet Dental Health Month! If you’re wondering why the awareness campaign lasts for a whole month, it’s because periodontal disease is the most commonly […]

Why Consumers Trust Life’s Abundance

NOTE: Life’s Abundance is not the subject of any FDA investigations or cases of DCM. The FDA’s June 27 update linking 16 dog food brands to reports of the canine heart disease dilated cardiomyopathy (DCM) has pet parents understandably concerned. Our hearts go out to affected families, and we’re happy to address your questions about our brand. Our […]

What Color Is Your Pet Food?

Are you looking for a pet food with real meat, fresh vegetables, and other wholesome ingredients? Well don’t be fooled by the color of your pet food. Many manufacturers spray on those colorings to fool you into thinking it’s nutritious, when it’s not. In fact, many of those colorings are know carcinogens. BTW, did you […]

13 Worst Pet Foods of the Year

Is your pet food on the list? Even if it not, it’s may be time to take a good look at what you’ve been feeding your pet each and every day. After taking a closer look for myself, I decided to do business with a small, private company that’s never had a recall. Watch this […]